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Holler readers! My sincere apologies for the silence, alot of distractions plus alot of erhhh…you get the picture *covers face*. And for those that complained about me not replying their mails i apologise but i didnt get any, pls send them to

So without wasting any more time lets get the show on the road. My guest today is a good friend of mine, few people have heard of her, some have met her in person but let me tell you a little about her..*clears throat* shes pretty, playful, nice but is a very tough chic if cross her *swallows spit*…please let me introduce you to the lady some of you call white berry (i wonder why)…i call her omalicha…here she is your very Nma *standing ovation*\=D/

Brainbanxs: your welcome to the show Nma
Nma: thanks dear, been a you been?

Brainbanx: i have been good thanks dear….so some readers want to know what you name means, is it short for something?
Nma: no its just Nma, it means beauty., full name Nma Eleke.

Brainbanx: nice….i never knew that….and i use to play with the name alot..hehe…so your name gets teased alot right? 😀
Nma: yes alot and you’re guilty so i’ll say yes definitely! 😉

Brainbanxs: 😀 i know right i just cant help it…but its a nice name
Nma: thankyou:-)

Brainbanxs: from abia state right? Tell us about the place
Nma: well its always home, the people are friendly, nice, industrous and welcoming. The food there is amazing, the culture there is just so alive, the environment and weather are not as harsh as you expect it but its ok

Brainbanxs: hmmmm…sounds like an inviting place…*places palm under jaw*
Nma: actually it is, you should come visit you’ll love it…;-)

Brainbanxs: am actually thinking of that and you readers should consider it too…:-D
Nma: you’re all welcome to visit

Brainbanxs: so nma tell us about you and the modellin work that you do…what lead to that spark or calling?
Nma: well for me its just something i have always wanted to do, it brings this personal happiness for me seeing what i look like in front of a camera and lights.

Brainbanxs: personal desire…i like that…so you must have had alot of practice runs while growing up?
Nma: *chuckles* yes definitely..while growing up as a kid i loved taking pictures, i loved seeing what i looked like and i enjoyed it..

Brainbanxs: that’s cute, for me it was different i was the kid you’d always beg to sit still for a photo or beg not to do funny faces to mess it could say that i was
Nma: dont get me wrong i was shy too but i had to take the picture serious in order to appear beautiful…:-$

Brainbanxs: lol…that’s creative…nice work
Nma: thankyou.

Brainbanx: tell us a little about your educational level, i hear you’re a graduate of philosophy?
Nma: yes i am, a graduate from Nnamdi Azikwe University.

Brainbanxs: wow! Congrats…but i did’nt hear of any party, did you throw one?
Nma: yes i did but i forgot to send you the invitation *covers face*

Brainbanxs: you must throw another..:-|
Nma: ok

Brainbanxs: so you should be serving now right?
Nma: yes, serving in lagos and believe me its so not easy…but its actually an awesome

Brainbanxs: well dont forget to send the tenth part of your allawi this way…*chuckles*
Nma: no problem at all…lol

Brainbanxs: so was it hard being a model and being a student at the same time?
Nma: actually it was at some point because, school on its own is alot of work and having to do photo shoots as a model was demanding.

Brainbanxs: well you seem to have over come the first part well tho…did you have some sort of suppot at the time?
Nma: uhun! For starters i had to seek for direction from the Almighty, then my family, relatives and close friends. The main key was staying focused and keeping everything in its proper place. It was hard but it was definitely worth it.

Brainbanxs: so what kind of modelling are you into, is it runway, billboard or underwear modelling?
Nma: actually cover pages of magazines for now..

Brainbanxs: i hope to wakeup one morning and see your face on the cover of my daily magazine supply…lol
Nma: am already planning right that. 😉

Brainbanxs: ok i hear that most models have phobias for some its the fear of the crowd not accepting them for some its the fear of their career ending right before it starts…what’s yours?
Nma: hmmm…*stays silent for some seconds* i will say fear of the unknown..

Brainbanxs: fear of the unknown? Sounds spiritual and spooky tho…
Nma: lol…its not spiritual its just i fear the things i dont know, like a bad event that comes out of a surprise.

Brainbanxs: tell us a little about some of the major challenges you might have faced?
Nma: i’ll say annoying people, sometimes the people i worked with would just make it so hard and difficult at being yourself. Well God has been faithful, he has seen me through some of the roughest times by using my friends and family.

Brainbanxs: Halleujah! *coughs*..have you done any jobs for a makeup home? Because am baffled at who does your makeup, its beautiful..
Nma: no i have’nt actually but it wont be a bad idea..i do my makeups myself, because i believe in knowing what i want when it comes to mixing colurs that match my skin tone.

Brainbanxs: how come, i thought it was difficult doing that on your own professionally?
Nma: no its not, i sort of picked a leaf or two from Mazal’s Place which is the firm in asaba where i worked for so during my time there i had to learn a thing or two for myself…;-)

Digital worxx (7)

Brainbanxs: ok so how where the jobs at mazal? Whats that kick that got you focused?
Nma: it was flexible in the sense that i chose my own outfit, colours of my makeup and i had several hours of shooting so setting my mind in moods to fit a particular shot had to come from the inside

Brainbanxs: please elaborate…
Nma: ok pictures dont really talk but by seeing a particular shot you can tell wat was going on while it was being taken e.g a sad look, an alluring stare, a serious look or a happy smile. All these had to come from the inside, several shots, days of practice.

Brainbanxs: so your jobs at Mazal Place where like small scale jobs?
Nma: no not small scale, i like to think that every job is an opportunity for something big so take every job serious because that keeps me prepped for the next one. I did two jobs with them tho

Brainbanxs: *clapping* motivating answer, i like that spirit tho unlike some of we humans that always want the big stuff coming in *cughs*
Nma: yea most people have no idea the impact the so -called little jobs can make.

Brainbanxs: so do you have any female icon or role model that you look up to as an inspiration..
Nma: well no one per say, am my own inspiration because looking up to someone or trying to be like them wont let me discover myself but keep me within the limits of the person like an extension or shadow.

Brainbanxs: oook that sounds em cool…so you dont have any icons at all?:s
Nma: yea it is and no i dont, i am my own motivation…lol

Brainbanxs: do you feel up to the competition of slim models being en vogue these days?
Nma: hmm! No..because am sort of the plus side a little and thats a challenge…*blushing*

Brainbanxs: awww….that must be really depressing..?
Nma: yea i guess *nodding*

Brainbanxs: so do you have plans of quitting or joining the slim trail or you want to be yourself and still make you impact?
Nma: i wont mind loosing some weight but i am ok the way i am 🙂

Brainbanxs: good thats more time at the gym right? Forcing that fitness right in..
Nma: for now nothing i’ll just chill 😀

Brainbanxs: lol…seems like you want the weight to add up…like for me i run about 300-500 situps and about 150 pushups everyday, i can sign u up for training..
Nma: *jaw drops* no am good, i’ll pass,


Brainbanxs: do you have a pet?
Nma: no i dont but i do like dogs, thinking of getting one

Brainbanxs: thats neat, so what breed do you want to get?
Nma: erm…an alsatian, they are good guard dogs, have a nice physique and a good company too..:-)

Brainbanxs: how about partying? I know you should be a dancer *winks*
Nma: yea i love to party, mature actually. I just get loose to the music on the dance flow but i never go crazy or do anything stupid.

Brainbanxs: thats good thinking, am glad you have’nt bashed anyones head
Nma: not at all i have never gotten violent or wasted at a party before, maybe arguments but not violent outburst.

Brainbanxs: ok ltes hope no police records will pop out in future,lol
Nma: not at all

Btainbanxs: if you’re given the opportunity or called to do lets say a bikini shoot, will you see yourself as fit? And will you say yes?
Nma: definitely i’ll say yes, wont be that bad..;-)

Brainbanxs: ok am wishing you goodluck with that..
Nma: thanks

Brainbanxs: what are your plans for the next five years or wherendo you see yourself in the next five years?
Nma: thats a tough one you might have to ask God about that…:-D just kidding.. Well in the next five years i’ll want to be ahead of where i am now, let my face and name pop out on the pages of magazines and possibly billboards..

Brainbanxs: ok dear i wish you the very best with that, thankyou somuch for your time, hope to have you here again..
Nma: thankyou so much trigg, i had a good time…:-)

DSC_4720nnnmnnnmadvertnma jrp (1)

Well there you have it, hope you enjoyed reading this:-)…please remember to send in your views and comments, plus send your mails to””…you can also reach Nma on..
Facebook: Nma Eleke
Twitter: @nma2berry
Instagram: Nmalekis

Remember if you know its worth it then drop it here to get to the world, till next time have a blessed week ahead…;-)


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