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November 17, 2013 | Bankhigh | LEAVE A COMMENT

No doubt his name is not new to most of us, some call him the hard kid on the block, others call him the next big thing with a mic, others call him promising…while for some….he’s that tough bone to break.

Here’s the all exclusive interview with the figure behind the name.*drum rolls*

Brainbanxs: Basic information about yourself?
Efkae: Joshua babatunde famko a.k.a ef’kae…I’m a poet, a rap artist and a composer

Brainbanxs: What do you do for a living aside being a lyricist?
Efkae: well just gaduated from the university maiduguri (UNIMAID), studied biochemistry.

Brainbanxs: what major languages do you speak asides english?
EfKae: well I speak yoruba, hausa, a little bit of igbo and your occasional pickup lines from movies.

Brainbanxs: a movie lover, nice! One classic movie from your favourites?
Efkae: ermmm….that would be the Matrix, Keanu Reeves had a hard character. From the script. *covers mouth*

Brainbanxs: hmmm… So you’re a biochemist with a mic, that must have been a real challenge?
Efkae: Yea it was..wasnt realy easy having to joggle between both..but i created time for both, i had friends who helped me in figuring which was paramont at a particular time.

Brainbanxs: yea real friends rare…tell us a little about your family
Efkay: come from a simple small family, first child and have a sweet younger sister.

Brainbanxs: small corperative family, so is safe to say that they support your rap career?
Efkae: my parents were’nt that supportive with me doing music at first but after somtime and listening to some of my works, they are fully behind me now.

“Go hard or go home, men were’nt born men they groomed themselves to that”

Brainbanxs: nice one man! Salute! Now back work, how long have you been into this?
Efkae: I’ll say for about 5years now

Brainbanxs: That’s a long timing coming…any major challenge that stood in your way?
Efkae: yea like I earlier said parents, then the location of my school but one major thing people being to accept change and my music change and very different from what you hear everyday.

Brainbanxs: would you describe your own voice?
Efkae: I would say strong, its comes in hiphop sometimes fusioned with other genres e.g afro and most times poetry. its all bout talking from an abstract mind.

Brainbanxs: I like that…one musical icon in d industry that motivates you?
Efkae: I’ll say m.i abaga, he’s never scared to try new things, he’s always naija but sounds global…

“Am awake at night working, trying to prepare something to keep your minds active all day”

Brainbanxs: so how many tracks have you worked on so far?
Efkae: well quite a few but will round them up to about sixteen with freestyles.

Brainbanxs: A lot of rap music these days, heavy vocabs in their music..who are your targeted audience?
Efkae: My targeted audience are primarly the youths, but my music is educational for the young mind and adds a tingle too

Brainbanxs: Tingle? Won’t give me a headache yea? Lol 😀
Efkae: *laughs* no man it won’t, it just gives you that two seconds phase of thinking over what I said.

Brainbanxs: Ok you sound like a fighting potential, but tell us one of your major fears?
Efkae: I fear nothing because I believe nothing comes without having a control switch, so as they come I face them!

Brainbanxs: a little bit of confidence I see!*coughs* what should the people out there expect from you?
Efkae: Good music, the kind that’ll raise nigerian music to a whole new level…the export kind(M.I).

Brainbanxs: Lastly the major quote that has driven you all these years to hold one to that mic.
Efkae: “If it aint from the heart…DONT voice it”…

“Good music…the export kind”

Young, talented and promising, EfKae wont stop at nothing until his voice is heard and music exported *big grin*.You call them dreams and he calls them works in progress.

You read it here first, the only place that recognises minds that payoff…and until I come your way again….have an amazing week ahead :-);-)

For more information and a one click to our star of the week, click on Face book: joshua efkae famko.. twitter: @efkae…thankyou!


One thought on “Interview “EfKae”

  1. Kennedy Mamza says:

    …Oi boi… Now that’s how your story goes. A little touch of this & we got your back on our kneels boi… Best prayers man.

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